MWC Shanghai 2017

I know it has been a long time since the last post, but since last summer I was invited to talk at Mobile World Congress Shanghai and I still haven’t talked about the experience I thought it was about time to do so.
I spoke at the Transforming Industries Summit about the transformation we’re doing in order to retain and attract talent by increasing our exposure and letting the world know what are we doing.

Here is the video of the talk:

and the slides:

On a last minute notice, I also was designated the chairman of the summit, so with almost no time to prepare and with the help of all the other speakers at the event, I built a short script linking each talk with the following one.

At the end, it was a bit out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t prepare it as much as I wanted, but was a great experience.

More information about the Transforming Industries Summit:

After the event I took some time to enjoy the night skyline from Shanghai seen from The Bund:

III Jornades Emprenedoria i Tècniques Institut Poblenou

Few weeks ago I was invited as a speaker to the “Jornades Emprenedoria i Tècniques Institut Poblenou” and yesterday I went there and gave a talk about product vs project, lean approach, ux and, at the end I explained the AngelHack experience, what are hackathons, why is useful to attend, …
There was a good attendance (~80-90), room was packed and there were people standing at the end of the room. I really enjoyed being able to talk to that audience, to introduce them to the world of hackathons and giving them feedback about their projects and ideas.
Here are the slides (sorry, only available in catalan)
And some pictures of the event:

Speaking in more conferences ;)

There has been a lack of updates on this blog.. yes… I’m fully aware. But I’ve been speaking in some more conferences (like if that was a good excuse…). For example, last weekend, I spoke at the first edition of JBCNConf here in Barcelona about Java performance and basically what’s going on at compiler level when we compile java code.
Click here or the image below for the slides.
Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 21.45.54

BcnDevCon Presentation – Improving Java & Dalvik Code Performance

Last week I did a presentation at BcnDevCon about improving Java Code Performance. The focus of the presentation was showing some examples of compiled java sources and evaluate the performance impact of different ways of looping, string concatenation or using Java 1.5 features as autoboxing or foreach loops. According to java the performance optimizations are always left to the JVM, but we will see we can do many things to improve our code performance by knowing how the compiler works.
Some of these examples are also shown on Davlvik bytecode and performance tests are executed on both a computer and an android device. Even if Dalvik is register based and standard java bytecode is stack base in general terms what works for standard java can be also applied for Android apps.
On future posts I will explain in more detail the performance graphs and other topics I didn’t had time to include in the presentation.
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 00.51.53